Our experience in trailer design began in 1973, when we built a grain hopper trailer on the family farm.

Over the years, the company continually pursued trailer designs that were both strong and light. aluminium soon became the metal of choice. In 1995, the first extruded aluminium panel was prototyped for trailer walls. This began a new era of trailer design and innovation using THINWALL™.

Since 1995, THINWALL™ technology is incorporated into every trailer and moves some of the most unique and demanding payloads across the toughest roads on the globe. We are proud to have trailers of every shape and type working hard for our customers across North America and around the world.


Walking Floor

We take pride in equipping the world's best-built custom trailers with the world's leading technology in moving floor trailer systems. Our walking floor trailers feature the KEITH® WALKING FLOOR® conveyor system. With the convenience and safety of self-unloading plus an expanded range of backhaul opportunities, our Moving Floor and V-Floor® trailers continue to grow in popularity for hauling all kinds of products and materials.

Keith® Running Floor II

Specially designed for lightweight, high volume trailer applications, the KEITH® WALKING FLOOR® conveyor system unloads nearly any material including MSW, green waste, bulk grains, wood products, pallets, drums, bales and rolls.

  • Trailers unload anywhere in minutes
  • Unload with maximum safety indoors and on uneven ground
  • Can be loaded from the top, back and compacted
  • Variety of slat profiles to suit varied applications and loads
  • No trailer tipper is needed to unload

Keith® V-Floor™

The solid steel “extreme-duty” moving-floor system from KEITH comes through with the ultimate in backhaul versatility.

  • Steel “V”-shaped floor slats absorb impact and abrasion of “extreme-duty” loads
  • Simple accessible mechanism with no exposed bearings
  • Low maintenance, easy to operate, no belts or extra power source required
  • Ideal for scrap metal, demolition debris, logs and stumps, ore and aggregate, asphalt and other abrasive materials
  • A cost-efficient solution for palleted goods and bulk materials including wood chips and agricultural commodities

V-Plow Clean-Out System

Developed with R&D engineering team, the V-Plow follows behind fine bulk materials as they are off-loaded by the V-Floor system to ensure that they unload cleanly.

  • Unload quickly with minimal clean-up
  • Precision engineered and manufactured for close fit to V-Floor slats and trailer side walls
  • Maximize backhaul options in asphalt, aggregate and mine applications
  • Retracts under trailer shedder after unloading