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Tipping Platform Trailers

The platform tipper option is compelling on a “whole of life” basis through reduced purchase price, increased payload, reduced operating costs (due to minimal moving parts) and long life expectancy (10 years plus).

Woodchip - Flow through 26m b-double trailers for use on tipping platforms for woodchip. Heavy duty single units for landfill applications, maximising cubic capacity and minimising tare weight.

Waste – 41’, 45’ and 48’ lengths – U channel / sheet floor 8mm thick for last 3 m (high wear area) and 6mm rest of floor. U channels spaced 300mm apart, front to back for added strength.

(Mobile Tipping Platform quotes available on application)

These trailers are structurally engineered to provide long life without major rebuild or servicing requirements.

100% welded, all aluminium patented THINWALL™ construction provides an industry leading strength to weight ratio. Smooth-sided THINWALL™ panels allow aerodynamic design for a smooth-pulling ride, empty or full.

Give Barry 0417 811 069, Gary 0439 555 481 or Doug 0428 854 308 a call for further details on how these trailers are custom designed to suit your needs.

Woodchip Platform Tipper

Waste Platform Tipper