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The Original THINWALL™

THINWALL™ - running strong since 1996

THINWALL™ is the original double-wall extruded aluminium panel that first introduced the trailer industry to smoothside technology.

The "inside story" on THINWALL™ aluminium trailer technology

Only THINWALL™ offers the proven strength of double-welded, double-walled aluminium. Titan's exclusive patented processes and original designs produce today's most advanced smoothside trailer body for long life and efficient performance.

Double-wall cross section: The THINWALL™ panel is hollow-core extrusion that achieves high strength with light weight similar to the way that corrugation turns paper into high-strength board. The inner wall is thicker than the outer wall to absorb load impacts and prevent interior damage from penetrating to the outside. The aluminium web between the walls is integral to the extrusion, with no mechanical joining.

Double-welded assembly: Titan patented an exclusive process that overcomes the challenges of machine welding very long aluminium panels. Titan completes the welding for one side of an entire THINWALL™ assembly - up to 53 feet long - in a single automated pass. Then they repeat the process on the other side. The result is highly consistent, 100% machine-welded seams inside and out. There is simply no stronger way to assemble an aluminium trailer body.

Horizontal construction: Extruded panels are easier to assemble when they stand upright, but Titan's horizontal interlocking panels gain extra strength and stability much like the walls of a log cabin. The end-to-end seams withstand flexing stresses better when the trailer rolls and twists over rough terrain. A horizontal structure also eliminates welding seams at stress points on multi-axle rigs.

Heavy-duty aluminium: The 6061-T6 aluminum alloy used to produce THINWALL™ extruded panels was specially selected for its excellent wear factor – far superior to conventional aluminum sheet used in many trailers. Its rigidity and workability also make it an exceptional material for trailer bodies.

THINWALL™ floors: The success of the THINWALL™ side panel led to Titan's application of the same technology to create a high-strength low-weight floor panels for aluminum tipper trailers and semi-dumps. Naturally, THINWALL™ floors use a heavier grade extrusion than sidewalls require, but their end-to-end strength and long-wearing durability deliver on all the advantages our customers have come to expect from THINWALL™.

THINWALL™ rolled panels: To build the world's first hollow-core aluminum tub dump, Titan developed another original manufacturing process to roll standard THINWALL™ panels into the distinctive profile required for tub assembly. This unique body construction provides aggregate haulers with increased load capacity, improved visibility and a lower centre of gravity for maximum stability on the road and when unloading.

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