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Hopper Trailers

Titan Thinwall 6-Axle Unibody Hopper B-Double or Road Train configuration suitable for use with grain and bulk commodities. Lightweight hopper trailer (tare weight: 11,900kgs with tarp). Robust design to handle off and on road applications.

Multiple hopper compartments with full height vented divider walls. Do not need to untarp when unloading. 100% welded, all aluminium THINWALL™ Unibody construction provides an industry leading strength to weight ratio. Smooth-sided THINWALL™ panels allow aerodynamic design for a smooth-pulling ride, empty or full.

Arched top cross-members eliminate the cost and weight of extra tarp bows; less obstruction when loading.

These trailers are lightest in class and are structurally engineered to provide long life without major rebuild requirements.

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