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Designed from ground up in consultation with customers in heavy duty applications (waste industries/recycling). In 45’ and 48’ lengths, utilising Keith 9 slat walking floor system. Hydraulic rear door and waterproof hydraulic flip roof/tarp system. Fast unloading times of 4-6 minutes.
In 45’ and 48’ lengths, high capacity semi-trailer utilising Keith walking floor system. Fast unloading times of 4-6 minutes.
All Aluminium construction, length of 5 ½ metres with a 9 slat V floor - suitable for hot mix asphalt, aggregate and rock. Also multi-tied rollers can fit inside with a two-way tailgate.
The platform tipper option is compelling on a “whole of life” basis through reduced purchase price, increased payload, reduced operating costs (due to minimal moving parts) and long life expectancy (10 years plus).
Titan Thinwall 6-Axle Unibody Hopper B-Double suitable for use with grain and bulk commodities. Lightweight hopper trailer (tare weight: 11,900kgs with tarp). Robust design to handle off and on road applications.
All Aluminium construction utilising patented Thinwall walls and floors wedged profile – overall height approx. 2.9m. High temp bearing and Plow to suit design for asphalt applications.
Titan warrants the side walls in waste application for 1 year for defects due to workmanship. Keith warrant the drive unit for walking floor for 2 years (subject to conditions). Titan warrant the side walls in pure woodchip application for 5 years for defects due to workmanship.
In 1996, Titan's horizontal THINWALL™ extruded aluminium panel introduced the haulage world to a whole new way of designing trailers. Titan developed THINWALL™ to meet an engineering challenge from a customer. See more on the horizontal THINWALL™ advantage.....