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Thinwall Trailers offer weight savings with aluminium designs

The recent AUSTimber2016 event held in East Gippsland provided a relaxed and informative opportunity to take a look at trailers from overseas as well as those manufactured within Australia.

Canadian companies are increasing their involvement in the Australian market, and this has resulted in leading aluminium trailer builder, Titan Trailers Inc. of Ontario, working with Mount Gambier, South Australia-based Barry and Wendy Fennell of Fennel Forestry and Doug Thorne, who together formed Thinwall Trailers Australia, the exclusive agents within Australia for Titan Trailers of Canada.

Titan Trailers is a specialist manufacturer of all-aluminium bulk haulage trailers for the waste, forestry, agriculture and civil construction industries in North America, United Kingdom and Australia.

Trailers are manufactured utilising Titan’s patented Thinwall product, and “strength through innovation” mindset, to build strong, yet lightweight trailers for demanding applications in single, B-double and road train configurations.

All trailers are designed from the ground up for the intended task, with input from the customers, and manufactured with aircraft grade aluminium. The Australian product range includes fast unloading walking-floor, hopper and platform tipping units.

TrailerTorque caught up with Doug Thorne at AUSTimber where two of the Thinwall trailers were circulating on the test and demonstration track.

“When Fennel Forestry was awarded a contract to cart woodchip from Mount Gambier to Portland, we looked around for new construction techniques and innovation and came across Titan Trailers Inc. in Canada,” said Doug.

“We first went to Canada to visit the company in February 2014, and were so impressed that by the middle of June that year we had received seven trailer sets in knocked-down, flat-packed form for assembly in Australia, plus one trailer set for us to sell to a new customer.

“As part of the introduction to fabricating the trailers in Australia, Titan dispatched nine Canadian employees from the production assembly line and we worked together almost non-stop for two months to put them all together.

“As we finished that project, we believed that there wouldbe a market for importing them into Australia, and we have been actively importing and assembling the packs ever since. Everything except brake systems and tyres comes in from the Canadian manufacturer. Components, such as Hendrickson INTRAAX suspension, are common to the Australian market and we fit Wabco EBS and ABS braking systems together with roll stability control. So far, all the units we have build have featured drum brakes, but disc brakes are available, optionally,” said Doug.

On display at AUSTimber was a Thinwall B-double combination owned and operated by Tabeel Trading of Mount Gambier and hauled by a Euro 5 spec Scania R620.

“We have a product range that includes 45-foot and 48-foot woodchip walking-floor trailers utilising the Keith walking-floor system, and these can offer a discharge rate of four to six minutes. Also available is our range of walking-floor trailers for heavy-duty applications utilising the Keith nine-slat walking-floor system with a hydraulic rear door and waterproof hydraulic flip roof/tarp system. This trailer is deigned to handle aggressive loading techniques to maximise density within the trailer,” said Doug.

“Fixed-floor tipping platform trailers discharge at Portland by being tilted on a full length ramp at the port facility. During the process the lead and second trailer close up together, and this enables the load of woodchip to be discharged through the length of the bodywork of both trailers.

“A typical load volume for a single trailer is 100 cubic metres, rising to 130 cubic metres for a B-double configuration. Although we are aiming at limiting the variations in our product line in order to maintain a clearly defined product range, we are currently offering a set of grain hopper belly dumpers.

“The advantage of course is that of low tare weight available with an all-aluminium trailer construction. Even the main beams imported from Canada are made from aluminium. The manufactures claim savings of up to 15 percent in terms of fuel consumption reduction and up to 10 percent increase in payload,” said Doug.